Monday, May 30, 2011

This blog "stuff" is somewhat challenging!

Whew! I just spent almost all day trying to figure out the code behind my original template.  Being an old web designer, my skills are somewhat rusty and the original template I picked was not being user friendly!  My blog title just would not fit into the area designated for the title and it was all "skewed".  After several hours of "tweaking code", I finally gave up.  I had found another template from a google search that I liked and was able to manipulate that code much easier.  I didn't want to make a whole lot of changes, just some very minor ones.  So, with that being said, I now have a new template for now, (I may change it yet again so I can have everything that I want!).  This template will get me through a project I am working on, which will be posted in a few days.  I see how this can consume one's time!