Friday, June 17, 2011

Jet Lagged and Sick Make for the Start of a Great Vacation

Whew, what a week this has been.  Somehow, I ended up working 44 hours in 3 days.  It was crazy and stressful, but I am thankful I was able to get a little OT since I won't get any type of pay for next week at all (as a contractor, I don't get paid if I don't work).  So... long hours for work, then getting up in the middle of the night (2:45am) to leave for Hawaii.  This has now put my body into a total tailspin.  It is 1am Hawaii time and 6am Texas time.  I can't sleep and I feel like I need to stand out in that busy street outside of our rental house and let them run me down.  Let me tell you, this is not a good way to start a vacation. :-(

Thoughts on Hawaii... It is BEAUTIFUL (at least what I have seen), but the traffic is HORRENDOUS.  I honestly think the traffic here is worse than Austin (I didn't think that could ever be possible)!  We are staying in the Honu Hall II house.  I would love to have a beach house like this.  It is a gorgeous house.  If you are interested in staying somewhere in the North Shore, check out this house.  My only complaint about the house is the amenities say there is AC in the house... well, there is and it is nice and cold, but it is only in main part of the house, the bedrooms and bathrooms do not have AC and it is a bit muggy and warm.  This causes one to be just a bit uncomfortable at night when one suffers from really bad night sweats (and feels "icky" all at the same time).

Update on my job hunt... I have had a flurry of activity this week with job opportunities (I am giving all my thanks, glory and praise to my most Awesome Heavenly Father for taking care of me).  I had a second interview with the small software company and met all of the employees (10 total).  WOW! These guys are just fabulous.  They made me laugh, I made them laugh... I felt that it was a successful interview, but just not quite sure that is where I'm supposed to be.

On Wednesday morning a I received a phone call from a manager at HP wanting to pre-screen me for a position for a new team that is really needing help managing their portfolio (all of their projects and the stuff that goes with it).  The gentleman that I spoke to was very impressed and passed this on to the hiring manager and I ended up having a last minute phone interview (that lasted an hour) with the hiring manager.  She wants to bring me on-site to do final interviews with their executive partners.

Later that night I get an email from a good friend who has blasted my resume out to all of her contacts (whom she has thousands), and she told me that her husband's team at HP is also re-visiting my resume and want to bring me in.  She said I should hear from them in the next few days.  This is the one that surprises me most.  The hiring manager for this team saw my resume and wanted to hire me immediately without even talking with me (that never happens to me).  My friend told me that this team brought my resume up again (with a hiring freeze recently put in place) and I should be hearing from someone on this team in the next few days.  This is the position that interests me most.  I'm also wondering if this position and the one I had the phone interview with on Wednesday evening are one in the same, but don't know that for certain.  God is definitely bringing me good, strong leads and giving me the words to be successful when talking to the managers.  I'm also thankful that I'm a computer geek and have a gazillion computers, one of them being a netbook that I was able to easily bring with me so I can stay in touch with everything that is going on with my job search.  I never use this little computer and I think I may just start carting it around since it is so small and light weight.  I have an iPad, but still struggle with how things show up on the screen.

I am now going to go have my morning quiet time since sleep is nowhere to be found.  My brain is having problems shutting down and when this happens, I know I'm up for the long haul.  So I will use this time to read my Bible and give my blessings to the Lord for all that He has given to me.

Thankfully, we have a semi quiet day today as my dad and hubby are going on an all-day deep sea fishing excursion.  I'm glad for this since I am currently awake in the middle of the night and know I will probably need a nap sometime during the day so I can get my body on Hawaii time and hopefully get rid of this cold.  I am hoping to post some pictures while I'm here in this beautiful state.  We have 2 concrete things planned for all of us that should be fun and hopefully picture worthy.  I get so caught up in what I'm seeing, I forget to take pictures until its too late (and I call myself a scrapbooker!). Until next time, Aloha.