Sunday, July 3, 2011

Busy, busy weekend

I have had a really awesome weekend (so far).  I participated in the "Shimmer, Stripes & Shine - CT & Members Unite Blog Hop" at the Flying Unicorn.  The design team is wicked talented.  I was blown away by their entries.  The grand prize for this hop is a SILHOUETTE SD.  I love to read through blog hops, but many of them have so many hops and I run out of time to really participate.  This hop was the perfect size and there was eye candy galore.  My entry for this hop is so simple compared to the other entries, but it is "all me" and I am happy with the results.

To be qualified to win the Silhouette, we were asked to create something that inspired us (could be anything). It has to have some shimmer, strips and shine.  I re-purposed some chipboard letter canisters and made them holders for my Viva Pearl Pens since I now have quite a few of them.  Here is what they looked like before I got my hands on them.

I decided to make my "stripes" by added 3 different pieces of cardstock to the cans.  I took a sheet of white cardstock, flood filled it with hot pink ink on my Imagine, then I went back and used 2 different images from the Teresa Collins Black and White Imagine Cartridge.  I repeated this again on white cardstock (no color).  Then I modge podged my layers onto the can.  I did find out that printed paper from the Imagine and Modge Podge don't play real well in the same sandbox (my color started bleeding a little bit), but I was able to work around it.  I should have used vinyl, but I didn't have enough and didn't really want to drive all over town to find some.  Here is my finished product:

The cans are a little taller than the pens, so I took some empty SU containers and put them in the bottom so the pens show just a bit.  I also put a dot of color on top of the lid so I know what color I'm grabbing.  I am slowly converting my craft room to pink and black with flourishes, crowns and chadeliers, so I felt that these holders fit in with the decor very well.

I need to work on some b-day cards tomorrow (so glad it a long weekend) and get ready for Week 2 of my Summer Card Camp.  So many projects to do and not enough time to do them!  Happy 4th.