Sunday, August 14, 2011

All good things must come to an end....

I have one week left of being unemployed.  I was offered a short-term assignment for a company who needs someone to fill in while their regular person is on a medical leave.  I am glad to be going back to work since I really like to spend money!!!  Although, I really like staying home, too.  But, since I need to feed my habit of buying crafty items, I guess having a paycheck will help to feed my habit.

I am very excited to start this new chapter.  The hiring manager is letting me work flex hours.  I have worked a 6-3 shift for 20 years and I don't think I could adjust to working a regular 8-5 job.  I tried a few years ago and was miserable.

I have pretty much figured out what items I want to make for my church's craft fair in October.  Now I need to start making my items to sell.  The hard part for this little venture is determining how many of each item to make.  I have no idea what will and won't sell.  So, I think I will stick to about 6 of each item, since I have so many different things and then take orders if I run out.  My last small dilemma is trying to figure out the best way to show my items.  I'm seriously thinking about buying a Clip It Up unit to use as a display, that way customers can see my cards and then if they would like to purchase one, I can pull from stock.  I'm still mulling all of this over.  I want people to be able to see what I'm selling, but want it to be organized as well.  Most of my stuff will be cards, but I have a few home dec items as well.  Last year's craft show was very successful, they have moved it to a larger room and are expecting more people.  This is the first time I have ever done anything like this, so hopefully the day will be a success.

Well, I'm off to start working on my cards.  I have lots to make and not a lot of time now that I will be working full-time again.