Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting Organized

My room makeover is nearly finished.  I got my pink chandelier hung and working.  This is probably my favorite thing in my room (next to my pink chairs).

I am almost finished converting my wood-mounted stamps to cling.  I had over 80 sets to convert.  I have 35 sets left to convert.  It will still take me a little while to get it all done, but The stacks are getting shorter.  Once I have everything converted and placed where I want them, I will post pictures.

Being home full time allows me to spend just a little more time working on these things.  I'm still looking for employment and I'm trying to learn a new programming language as well as a new application.  So, I spend most of my time working on these 3 things in the morning and part of the afternoon.  Then I allow myself to play from about 1pm on.  Last time I was unemployed, I spent all of my time volunteering at a local hospital and was also on the volunteer board there.  But my health got in the way of volunteering, so I had to step down.  I could go back, but I have a lot on my plate right now, so I'm going to concentrate on my current activities first.

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday.