Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spray Painting Upholstery

In my last post I mentioned I had 4 upholstered chairs that needed some updating.  I have finally been able to work on those chairs.  I think these chairs were the easiest to do, it was fun and I love the end result.

As I have said before, I read and subscribe to tons of blogs.  One of my favorites is Hyphen Interiors.  Kristy is an amazing decorator and has a heart of gold.  She has helped me in several areas and is just the sweetest person there is.  We both live in the Austin area, but on total opposite ends, so meeting up is challenging!

Kristy did a series on Simply Spray Upholstery spray paint, check it out here  and after reading her series I knew exactly what I wanted to use this paint on.  I was given 4 upholstered chairs that we use at our dining room table.  These chairs are over 17 years old.  They are in fabulous condition, but the fabric has seen better days.

The wood on the arms have been scuffed and the fabric had a lot of wear and some stains.  After doing all of my homework and reading several other reviews about the paint, I decided to take the plunge to paint my chairs.  But what color should I choose?  Simply Spray has some colors that I love.  I knew I would need to use a darker paint to help mask the stains.  Because my dining room table is a gray/blue and white, I decided to use Navy as my paint color.  I loved the Periwinkle, but was afraid it would clash with my table.

My next decision was to figure out how many cans to purchase.  I knew one can would not be enough and I was a little skeptical about 2 cans since there is quite a bit of fabric, so I played it safe and ordered 12 cans of paint, that way I would have 3 cans per chair.  I am so glad I did.  To get really good coverage, I used all 3 cans.  I masked off the handles with painters tape, hauled the chairs to my driveway and started painting.

Here are some tips if you decide to try this:
  • Put some type of cloth or sheet (I bought big sheets at Goodwill for $3) underneath the item you are painting.
  • Wear gloves - I didn't wear any the first time I painted and had blue fingers.  Check the wind factor.  If it is windy, its probably not a good idea to paint!  I ended up looking like a smurf where the wind blew the paint on my skin.  I used baby wipes to "de-smurf" myself!
  • It says to hold the can 6-9 inches away from the object.  I actually held my can closer and was able to get a better coat of paint.  I did the painting "no-no" by holding the spray nozzle continuously while spraying.  I had better control and fewer drips.
  • Start spraying off the object and then move to the object to help with paint drips.
  • Let the paint dry before spraying the next coat.  I didn't want to saturate my fabric, so I let the chairs dry for a couple of hours then went back out and used another can.
  • I let the chairs cure for a couple of days before we started using them again.  That way I knew they were good and dry.
  • The fabric is a little stiff, but it is softening very nicely as we use them.
  • I do worry just a little bit about things getting spilled on them.  I have heard that some of the paint may come up when trying to clean up a spill.

All in all, I am really pleased with my sturdy little chairs.  I spent about $122 for 4 chairs.  I couldn't re-upholster one chair for that amount.  I painted the wood arms, base and legs with the Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I actually think the spray paint enhanced the design in the fabric.  I'm hooked on this paint and want to do more, but sadly don't have any other furniture that has fabric on it.

My next project is a biggie... I am going to re-paint a 7-piece bedroom suite with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  This project will take me a while since we are now in the Holiday season as well as end of year stuff for work.

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Hyphen Interiors said...

Excellent post! Loved reading your tips. And, your chairs turned out great! Thank you so much for the sweet shout out!! Aw, made my day.